Capacity 128 L
Sterilization Temperature 121°C
Sterilization Time 0-99 h 59 min
Humidity Range -
Working Pressure 0.117-0.127 MPa
Chamber Dimension (DiaxDepth) 500x650 mm
Overall Dimension 700x830x1350 mm
Power 5000W
Power Supply 220 V, 60Hz
Weight -
Catalog No. 9522138472

Vertical Autoclave LVA-204


• Fully automatic sterilizer

• One touch door system

• Lock system provided

• Excellent temperature stability and accuracy at 121°C ±0.5°C

• Pressure Gauge: Mechanical type 0 to 3 Kg/cm²

• Thermocouple: R.T.D Type

• Heater element: Stainless Steel Sheath Pipe Type

• Automatic reset function

• Over-temperature and over-pressure protection

• Alarm function for automatic exhaustion of steam in sterilizer

Labocon Vertical Autoclave is suitable in bacteriological and research laboratories, medical, clinical and pharmaceutical units, hospitals, pathological laboratories, R & D laboratories, etc.

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