Output of Pure Water 2:RO water, Ultrapure Water
Output (25°C) 94 L/hr
Catalog Number 5461155248

Ultra Pure Water Purification System Model Ultrapure-94ROUV

3 road on-line water quality monitoring: monitor the inlet, RO & Ultra pure water´s quality timely. Pipeline with NSF authorization to assure high quality ultrapure water. Double wavelength (185&254 nm) UV cartridge, to achieve effective sterilization & reduce TOC index. Ultrafiltration cartridge-to eliminate endotoxin. Suitable for Cell cultivating and IVF. Automatic microcomputer controlling, multi-menu operating, animation mode display. Super-large LCD display. Unique design of consumables. High-strength stainless steel shell. New easy-inserting adaptor to make convenience of cartridge maintenance. Different tanks to meet every need. Ultra pure polishing resin cartridge with polishing resin. 0.2µm PES terminal filter, to assure the quality is absolutely axenic. Automatic fault detection- automatic diagnosis. Water quality over standard alarm. No water alarm. Consumables end alarm function. Consumables residual life indicator.