Output of Pure Water 90 L/hr
Resistivity of ultra pure water (25°C) 18.2 MΩ-cm
Organics -TOC 10 ppb
Endotoxins <0.001 EU/ml
Bacteria <1 CFU/ml
Particle <1/ml
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1 ppb
Overall Dimension 570x600x1500 mm
Power Supply 110-220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 60 kg
Catalog Number 5461120248

Ultra Pure Water Purification System Model Futura-90F

Automatic micro computer control system. Urban drinking tap water inlet. Produces: RO & 18.2MΩ-cm ultrapure water. Built-in system disinfection procedure. Built-in ultra-pure water pipe circulating system. Built-in 20 liters water tank. Super-large LCD display. Unique consumables design. Can add external bucket (optional). 3 road on-line water quality monitoring. Timing, qualitative water function. Automatic fault detection.