Airflow Velocity 0.3~0.8 m/s
Protection Class Class I
Max Opening 450 mm
Length 1800 mm
Air Tightness No leakage
Equiblast Air Volume Air Velocity average value ≥0.5 m/s, Air volume ≥1050 m³/h
Half Peak Value of Shaking ≤5 µm
Front Window 5 mm toughened glass; Motorized; Height Adjustable
Illumination ≥400 Lux
Fluorescent Lamp 36W×1
UV Lamp 30W×1
Work Surface Height 850 mm
Exhaust Duct PVC Standard length: 4 meters, ɸ 290
Pipe Strap 1
Blower Optional Choice Built-in centrifugal blower; Speed adjustable
Noise >60 dB (A)
Standard Accessory UV Lamp×2, Fluorescent Lamp, Water & Gas tap, Water sink, Base Cabinet, Two Sockets, 4-meter PVC exhaust duct
Inner Dimension 1620×670×750 mm
Overall Dimension 1800×800×2200 mm
Weight 420 kg
Power 235 W
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Catalog No. 9422110128

Standard Fume Hood LSFH-204


• Interior body includes melamine board with acid and alkali resistance function

• Exterior body is of cold-roll steel with anti-bacterial powder

• Working chamber is made of solid chemical-resistant physiochemical board

• LCD display and UV lamp to sterilize the working area

• Adjustable air velocity with electrical controlled glass

• Adjustable blower speed of a centrifugal fan


Labocon Standard Fume Hood is widely used in biological laboratories including microbiology, cell culture, pharmacy and research areas to provide maximum safety and clean air.


• Active carbon filter/HEPA filter