Speed 10-180 rpm
Capacity of Evaporating Flask 20 L
Capacity of Receiving Flask 10 L
Temperature 95℃
Display FND
Timer Range 0-999 min
Height adjustment of Heating Bath 150 mm
Lift Motor
Dimension [W×D×H mm] 1000x550x1900 mm
Power 3500 W
Power Supply AC 200 50/60 Hz
Weight 78 kg
Catalog No. 5245802163

Rotary Evaporator LRE-802


•Excellent durability of the body and the vapour contacting area.

•PTFE sealing method is adopted for glass contacted area.

•Visual display can indicate important status of the machine such as rotating speed, bath temperature, vapour temperature, etc.

•Borosilicate glass

•Motor drive : Equipped with both motor and fan

•FND Display: Display can indicate the bath temperature, rotation speed, rotation amount, etc.

•Condenser : three fold coil (multiflux type)

•Final vacuum pressure : 710~760mmHg

•Large diameter (82mm) of evaporating flask enables users to easily wash and remove viscous materials in the flask.


Labocon Rotary Evaporator LRE-800 Series are used for condensation, distillation, menstruum recycle, crystallization and separation of heat-sensitive materials. Moreover, they can perform the additional function of reflux extraction.