Speed 20-280 rpm
Capacity of Flasks 50 ml to 3000 ml
Temperature RT -180 ℃
Display Digital
Timer Range 0-999 min
Capacity of Bath 4.3 L
Bath Dimension (φ×H) 245×120 mm
Power of Heating Bath 1000 W
Weight of Bath 2.8 kg
Height adjustment of Heating Bath 150 mm
Lift Motorized
Dimension [W×D×H mm] 730×410×630 mm
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 20 kg
Catalog No. 5245702A163

Rotary Evaporator LRE-702A


•The housing of water bath is of stainless steel to prevent it from undesirable corrosion of the bath.

•Vacuum seal is made of double-binding Teflon and NBR nitrile in order to provide the seal with anti-abrasion, anti-aging and anti-chemical functionality, which enables the machine to make higher vacuum pressure compared to most of other imported equipment.

•The leaning angle of the evaporating flask can be easily manipulated by screwing a simple bolt type controller.

•Combi-Clip can easily remove or attach the evaporating flask.

•The insulated heater prevents the machine from burning accident or heat loss.

•Conditions for distillation

•Set the water temperature in water bath at 60°C.

•Set the cooling water speed at 40-60 L/h

•Inject the cooling water (15°C-25°C) into the condenser coil.

•Set the vacuum degree at 700mmHg or above.

•Condition of Evaporating Capacity

•Temp. of cooling water: 25°C-27°C

•Sample Flask: 1L

•Sample Input: 500 ml

•Vacuum pressure: 760mmHg


Labocon Rotary Evaporator LRE-700 Series are used for condensation, distillation, menstruum recycle, crystallization and separation of heat-sensitive materials. Moreover, they can perform the additional function of reflux extraction.