Speed 10-110 rpm
Capacity of Evaporating Flask 20,000 ml
Capacity of Receiving Flask 10000, 5000 ml
Type Of Heating Bath Internal heating
Power of Heating Bath 4000 W
Height adjustment of Heating Bath 160 mm
Dimension of Heating Bath 450x260 mm
Evaporation efficiency ›4.0 L/hr
Lift type Automatic lifting
Unit Dimension 1150x700x2000 mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Catalog No. 5341106468

Rotary Evaporator LRE-401


•LRE-400 series consists of Integrated Tandem Dual Reflux Condenser

•Provides temperature range up to 180°C

•Digital bath temperature setting provided

•Borosilicate (Pyrex: G3.3) glassware material is used

•Availability of automatic or manual lift type of bath and motor

•PTFE bottom discharge valve. High vaporization rate

•Vacuum level of >0.095Mpa

•Use of PTFE Teflon seal

•Epoxy painting and Explosion proof systems are the optional extra components


Rotary evaporators are used for condensation, distillation, menstruum recycle, crystallization and separation of heat-sensitive materials. Moreover, they can perform the additional function of reflux extraction.