Size Range 1-1000 μm
Detector 40
Power Light Source 0.015-0.003 W
Wavelength Light Source 632.8 nm
Temp. Range 5°C to 35°C
Humidity < 85%
Static Sample Cell Volume 13.5 ml
Volume Sample Circulation Feeder 660 ml
Power Sample Circulation Feeder 150 W
Dimension Sample Circulation Feeder 370x200x300 mm
Overall Dimension 1201x180x287 mm
Power 30 W
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Catalog No. 9521126123

Particle Size Analyzer LPSA-105


• Wet sample measure method with He-Ne Laser as light source

• Sample feeding system of two types: Circulation sample feeding system and Static sample feeding system

• High, medium and low circulation control options with open or close output valve control

• Anticorrosive sample feeding system with ultrasonic baths (optional)

• Analysis report includes particle size distribution table and graph, average diameter, median diameter, boundary diameter, specific surface area, etc

• User friendly computer interface



: Sample Circulation Feeder


: Static Sample Cell


: Ultrasonic Bath


: Power Cables (2)


: Measuring Cup (10, 100 ml)



Labocon Particle Size Analyzer LPSA-100 Series is used to measure the particle size distribution of powders, suspensions or sprays which can be dispersed in liquids