Temp. Range No heating function
Shaking Motion Orbital & Reciprocal
Shaking Speed Range 30-200 rpm
Shaking Orbit 30 mm
Timer Range Continuous or up to 48 hours
Operation Continuous/Timed
Display 5 digit LED
Max. Load Capacity 10 kg
Platform Dimension 220x455mm x 2
Overall Dimension 460x520x195 mm
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 38 kg
Catalog No. 9173169362

Orbital and Reciprocal Shaker LORS-101


• Dual action shaker with orbital and reciprocal motion by manual adjustment

• Compact space-saving design fits easily in incubator and refrigerator

• Complete moisture-proof treatment makes it to be used in humidity area

• Operation up to 400rpm possible

• Microprocessor Digital PID controller and touch screen operating panel

• Indication of temperature, speed, time and state of power failure through5 digit LED display

• Plate type Brushless DC motor and anti-belt driving systemensures maintenance-free, reliable and quiet operation

• Anti-vibration, quiet and maintenance-free system

• Artificial intelligence system maintains speed accuracy and time

• Attached with shaker remote controller

• Easy to change accessory platform


Labocon Orbital and Reciprocal Shaker issuitable for extractions, mixing blood samples, and silver staining of polyacrylamide gels, etc.