Max. RPM 7200
Max. RCF 2160xg
Max. Capacity (No. of tubes x Vol.) 6x1.5ml/16x0.2ml
Speed Increment None
Display None
Timer Range None
Noise Level < 56 dB(A)
Overall Dimension 160x180x110 mm
Power 10 W
Power Supply 85~245 V/ 60 Hz
Weight 1.5/2 kg
Catalog No. 9481208487

Mini Centrifuge LMC-301


• Compact design with small footprint

• UV and flame-retardant composite material ensures high quality

• Micro brushless DC motor provides quiet, maintenance-free operation

• Triple flip switch function opens the lid automatically at the end of the run to prevent sample warming and allow easy access to samples

• Optimized air flow minimizes sample warming and protects temperature-sensitive samples


Labocon Mini Centrifuge is widely used for applications in PCR, micro-volume protocols like nucleic acid or protein lysate preparation, separation of biological products and blood sample in biotechnology, biochemistry, blood bank, pharmaceuticals, food and environmental protection.