Plate Type 96-well plate
Manifold 1×8;1×12
Residual Volume <2µl for U/V bottom plates <3µl for flat-bottom plates
Dispense Volume 10-3000 µl
Dispensing Precision <5% at 300 µl
Wash Heads 8/12 way
Washing Cycles 0-99 adjustable
Washing Columns 1-12 columns
Washing Programs 96
Soak Time 0-999s
Shaking Time 0-999s
Absorption Time 0.1-10 s
Temp. Range 5-35°C
Humidity Range 15-85%
Overall Dimension 400x310x169 mm
Power 80 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60Hz
Weight 8 kg
Catalog No. 9263101403

Microplate Washer LMPW-101


• U, V or flat bottom plate type

• Interchangeable 8-way and 12-way wash heads

• Cell wash head-1x8 or 1x12 wells

• Strip mode and plate mode washing

• Prime and Rinse volume- 50-100 μl

• Gentle cell washing to prevent cell detachment

• Adjustment utility for plate positioning along rows and columns

• Positive displacement syringe drive pump with adjustable flow rates

• Head change without tools, calibration and alignment

• Touch screen LCD display

• Programmable needle position

• Programmable liquid flow rate and aspiration strength

• Liquid level sensor and alert function

• Automatic self-diagnostic program

• Automatic liquid monitoring system

• Automatic dispensing and programmable aspiration function

• Shake option with variable speed

• Variablefluid flow rates of 150 – 1000 ul/ well / second

• Vacuum pump used for aspiration and dispensing

• User-guided washer operation and programming

• Non-pressurized wash and waste bottles

• Can store up to 40 programmable wash protocols

• Standard bottle set: 1×3.5L(Wash),1×3.5L(Waste)


Labocon Microplate Washer is widely used in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), cell-based assays, microsphere-based assayenzyme immuno assay (EIA), cytotoxicity assays, agglutination tests, etc.