Capacity 96 well x 4 plates
Temp. Range No heating function
Temp. Uniformity None
Temp. Accuracy None
Heating Time None
Shaking Motion Orbital
Shaking Speed Range 300-1400 rpm
Timer 59 h 99 min
Operation Continuous/Timed
Display LED
Overall Dimension 280x270x110 mm
Power 40W
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz
Weight 7 kg
Catalog No. 9173105105

Microplate Shaker LMS-202


• Shaking speed, temperature and incubation time are programmable via keypad

• Incubation up to 70°C in 0.1°C steps

• Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity across the plate

• Microprocessor controlled time, speed and temperature

• Continuous operation with easy to use interface

• Brushless DC motor that provides maintenance-free, reliable and quiet operation

• Simple spring holders for easy installation of plate

• Beep-signal indicates completion of program


Labocon Microplate Shaker is suitable forincubation and cultivation of biological and chemical components, denaturing of nucleic acids and proteins, stains and blots, microtitre assays, enzyme and protein analysis etc. in microbiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology and biotechnology.