Plate Type 96-well plate
Filter Wavelength 340, 405, 450, 492, 630nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Resolution 0.001Abs (displayed); 0.0001Abs (calculated)
Bandwidth <8nm
Reading Speed 5s single wavelength
Optical System 8 Channel Optical System
Photometric Range 0.000-4.000 Abs
Temp. Range Ambient 4°C-45°C adjustable
Light Source Halogen Lamp
Overall Dimension (l x w x h) 186x440x220 mm
Power Supply AC 110-240V ± 10%, 50-60 ±1Hz
Weight 9 kg
Catalog No. 9261103444

Microplate Reader LMPR-UV-201


•8-channel optical measuring system

•340nm UV wavelength

•Single wavelength detection

•3 more filter wavelengths (Optional)

•Three test methods: End Point, Fixed Time and Kinetic

•Adjustable temperature control, incubation time and temperature

•Adjustable shaking time and speed

•PC controlled system, Windows XP

•Powerful QC programs including Westguard Multi-rule and Instant method, automatic alarm

•Different detection modes like ABS, cut-offs, curve-fits, linear, log, exponential, power and 4PL regression

•Auto-check when power on with lamp saving and plate shaking

•Random positive and negative control setting

•Multi-assay enables up to 12 different assays on one plate

•Can store more than 500 programs and minimum 100,000 results

•Printer compatible with Windows XP

•RS-232 interface


Labocon Microplate Reader is a basic tool in drug discovery and life science research, bioassay testing and quality control in pharmaceutical processes.