Capacity 460 L
Inner Temperature 2°C to 8°C
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) 1760x700x930mm
Power 260 W
Power Supply 220V /50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 100 kg
Catalog No. 9182177486

Labocon Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Chest Type LRPC-108


• High-quality structural steel plate interior treated with advanced phosphate spray coating processing

• Large-screen design is easy for observation

• Power saving lamps on the body lights the interior space

• Inbuilt lithium accumulator for displaying the temperature inside the box and can keep the light and sound alarm available for 72 hours after electricity failure

• Fluoride-free Refrigeration system: DANFOSS compressor, EBM motor, Bi-Sonic double fan and high quality vaporizer (cooling pipeline inside the box)

• Forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-control fan ensures temperature uniformity

• High accuracy computer-controlled temperature system

• High-resolution temperature calibrating function

• Keyboard lock and password protection function

• Equipped with remote alarm interface

• Code display of the failure position

• System can record the condition of the maximum and the minimum temperature inside the box automatically without recording paper

• System can operate under the state of sensor failure or the state of numerical disturbance safely and automatically

• Safety function: buzzer alarm, flashing alarm, remote signal alarm for high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensors failure alarm, door-opening alarm, electricity failure alarm, low back-up battery alarm, low voltage alarm

Labocon Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Chest Type Series is specialized refrigerating equipment for blood storage, cold storage of pharmaceutical and widely used in hospitals, blood banks and anti epidemic stations.

• Temperature recording and printing system