Wavelength Range 7800 to 400 cm-1
Wavelength Accuracy None
Wavelength Precision ±0.01 cm-1
Resolution Better than 0.85 cm-1
Scanning Speed 0.2-2.5 cm-1/s
Signal to Noise Ratio Better than 15000:1
Photometric Performance None
Kinetics Scan Rate None
Overall Dimension 630x520x240 mm
IR Power None
Power 1000 W
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 20 kg
Catalog No. 9425117442

FTIR Spectrophotometer LFTIR-201


• Optical system

  1. Single beam optical system (sealed and desiccated)
  2. Permanent alignment moving mirror; no need of dynamic collimation

• IR Source

  1. High efficiency Reflex Sphere module (Air cooled) and easy replaceable

• Highest signal-to-noise (S/N) performance

  1. S/N ratio: (>15000:1 p-p)

• Interferometer:

  1. Fully sealed Michelson interferometer with long lasting sealing material and desiccator ensures higher adaptability to the environment
  2. Eight times higher dehumidification capacity than ordinary FTIR
  3. Beam Splitter: Germanium-coated KBr

• Detector

  1. DTGS detector equipped with temperature control mechanism

•Best spectral resolution and fastest kinetics speeds

  1. High resolution up to 0.5cm-1 can meet various user applications

• Hardware monitor

  1. Self-diagnosis function, status monitor

• Powerful, intuitive software interface for ultimate productivity

  1. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
  2. Interface: USB 2.0 standard
  3. Measurement: Continuous measurement using ASC, simple measurement mode
  4. Data processing: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, normalization, baseline correction, log conversion, smoothing, differentiation, ATR correction, Kubeika-Munk correction, Kramers-Kronig analysis, wave number/wavelength conversion, peak detection, peak area calculation, film thickness measurement, atmospheric correction
  5. Quantitative calculations: Peak height, peak area, multi-point calibration curve method using ration, multiple linear regression (MLR)
  6. Spectrum search, spectrum search (based on similarity), peak search, text search, compound search, setting of search conditions, search of user library and commercial library, creation of user library, 11free libraries included

• Spectrometer interface

  1. USB 2 standard

Labocon FTIR spectrophotometer LFTIR-200 series is mainly applicable in areas of Organic/Inorganic salt analysis compound, Polymer analysis/Thin film, KBr pellet, Inorganic Nano Composite anaylsis, Bitumin (for road construction to check carbonyl bonding).


• Laser

• IR Source

• Rechargeable desiccant bags

• ATR assembly

• Polishing Kit

• Special silicon plate holder

• Special SiO2 powder dust monitoring software