Type Manifold Top Press
Condenser Temperature -55°C (-80°C optional)
Water Holding Capacity 3-4 kg/24hr
Shelves 3
Freeze Drying Surface Area 0.08 m2
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimension ɸ 180 mm
Vacuum Degree < 10 Pa
Pump Flow Rate 2 Litres/sec
Bottle ɸ 22 165
Bottle ɸ 16 285
Bottle ɸ 12 560
Overall Dimension 560x460x(710+430) mm
Weight 85 kg
Power 1070 W
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Catalog No. 9424152427

Freeze Dryer LFD-FT-104


• Features vacuum freeze drying technology.

• Drying curves are displayed on LCD screen.

• Low noise compressor with long shelf life and high efficiency.

• Drying chamber is equipped with organic glass for safety and visibility.

• Condenser, operation panel, shelves and trays are made of stainless steel.

• Condenser has pre-freezing function.

• CFC free environment friendly refrigeration.

• Features nitrogen valve and eutectic test device (optional).

• Powerful compressor with faster refrigeration functions in LFD-FT-200 Series.