Excitation Optical Filter Interference optional filter of central wavelength at 365nm, optional central wavelength of 365nm, 405nm, 470nm, 515nm
Excitation Wavelength Range 360-600 nm
Emission Wavelength Range 360-650 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 10 nm
Light Source LED
Monochromator Czerny Turner Diffraction Grating
Linearity ≤±3.0%
Stability -
Response Time -
Overall Dimension 450x420x280 mm
Power 40 W
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 9/15 kg
Catalog No. 9426142164

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LFS-102


• Wavelength range

  1. 250-700nm

• Sensitivity

  1. S/N≥150

• Wavelength accuracy

  1. Offer wavelength accuracy at ±1nm at spectral bandwidth of 10nm

• Unparalleled detection Limit

  1. With 150 Watts Xenon lamp, it offer higher signal to noise ratio, which provide better capabilities for trace sample measurement.

• Highly reliable optical performance

  1. The 1200 lines/mm Czerny Turner Diffraction Grating for the highest sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility

• Drastically reduced photobleaching of samples

  1. Unlike conventional light sources, the improved Xenon lamp minimizes photobleaching of samples, which maintains the integrity of the sample; hence delivers accurate and uncompromised results.

• Easy software Interface

  1. Data Collection and Analysis software offers a comprehensive solution for data collection and analysis such as scan, time drive, and ratio Data Collection directly from the applications menu. Outstanding durability and reliability

• It gives you the low cost of ownership by offering an exceptionally long lifetime of 2.8 billion flashes and the lamp typically will be remain active up to next 10 years which will save your money.

• Eight stage adjustable sensitivity, real time display of fluorescence reading with concentration print out

• RS232 interface

• Standard Accessories: Power cord, fuse, 10mm quartz fluorescence cuvette


The Labocon Fluorescence Spectrophotometer’s widest ranges are ideally suited for life science research such as cell-biology, immunology, enzymology and protein analysis.


• 360-650nm interference optical filter

• 10mm quartz fluorescence cuvette

• Data processing software

• Printer cable

• Serial interface printer