Capacity 175X2 L
Temp. Range RT+5-70°C
Ambient Temp. 5-40°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Temp. Uniformity ±1°C
Temp. Fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temp. Resolution 0.1°C
Shaking Motion Orbital
Shaking Speed Range 20-250 rpm
Shaking Speed Accuracy ±1 rpm
Shaking Speed Increment 1 rpm
Shaking Orbit 25 mm
Timer Range 999h / 999m/ 999s
Shelves 1
Platform Dimension 640x440 mm
Inner Dimension 700x500x500 mm
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 160 kg
Catalog No. 9172129584

Floor Standing Shaking Incubator LFSIO-402


• Stainless steel SUS304 interior and powder coated exterior

• Huge transparent windows for observation

• Installed with Fluorescent lamp 20W for clear observation

• Stable air circulation and maintenance of internal temperature distribution

• Tempered glass observation window

• Triple gravity balance rotation

• Refrigerant: CFC R134a

• Compressor with power outages for delayed start and timed defrost design

• Three-point bearing transmission is suitable for heavy loads and continuous function

• Micro-processing P.I.D environmental scanning controller with automatic audio and visual alarm

• Touch panel with LED display

• Brushless DC Motors: Low maintenance, no brush sparking, high operating speed, high efficiency, constant torque, constant speed of rotation

• Safety switch immediately stops shaking when lid is open

• Automatic delay in start-up in case of power cut and a defrost timer

• Over heat and over low protector


Labocon Shaking Incubator is suitable for cell culturing, cell aeration, solubility studies, sample preparation, water analysis, BOD measurement, plating and breeding experimentsin research institutions, universities and colleges, etc.