Capacity 100 L
Temp. Range 4-60°C
Ambient Temp. 20°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Temp. Uniformity ±1°C
Temp. Fluctuation ±1°C
Temp. Resolution ±0.1°C
Shaking Motion Reciprocal
Shaking Speed Range 25-300 rpm
Shaking Speed Accuracy ±1 rpm
Shaking Speed Increment 1 rpm
Timer Range 0-99 h
Platform Dimension 460x460 mm
Inner Dimension 520x550x450 mm
Overall Dimension 620x840x630 mm
Power 800 W
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 100/110 kg
Catalog No. 9172177472

Cooled Shaking Incubator LCSIR-201


• Base structure adopts stable vermicular casting technique

• Built-in cooling system provides optimum environment for cultivation of microbes, cells and special tissues in low temperatures

• Sound air duct structure ensures homogeneity and precision of temperature

• Operation panel designed for the convenience of users to configure operating and test parameters

• Advanced numerically controlled processing technique ensures reliable and stable mechanical structure

• Scientific off-centre weight balancing technique ensures long service time for three-axis off-centre actuating machine

• Three-axis off-centre actuating structure ensures stable start and stop of the samples

• Adopts abrasion resistance axletrees

• Avoids dithering while operating and prevents damage of sensitive cells

• Brushless actuating system with unidirectional flow

• Less error during mechanical processing ensures long service time, stable and non-vibrating machine

• Cooling system uses environmental R134a cryogen

• Membrane touch keys with large scale LCD display

• Advanced fuzzy logic PID controlling system provides precise rotation speed, temperature control and operating time

• Mechanical over temperature protection device

• Top and bottom temperature limit alarm

• Standard mode configures fixed temperature, rotation speed and time

• Program mode configures temperature, rotation speed and time as required by the user

• RS232 interface


Labocon Shaking Incubator is suitable for cell culturing, cell aeration, solubility studies, sample preparation, water analysis, BOD measurement, plating and breeding experiments in research institutions, universities and colleges, etc.