Capacity 80 L
Temp. Range -10°C to 65°C (Optional: -40°C to +65°C)
Temp. Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Temp. Control Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Temp. Evenness ± 1°C
Working Temperature 5-35°C
Tray 2
Inner Dimension 400x400x500 mm
Overall Dimension 525x607x1100 mm
Refrigerant Power 123 W
Heating Power 550 W
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 87.5 kg
Catalog No. 9341190472

Cooled Incubator LCI-601


• Heat insulating material applies German Bayer Freon- free polyurethane foaming technology.

• It applies high quality cold rolling plate, sprayed with special Dupont powder.

• Inner bag applies SUS304 stainless plate.

• Applies circular airflow design concept and forced convection simulated air circulation chamber.

• Large power air circulating blades can produce high air flow and guarantee high even and stable inner bag temperature.

• Applies fin type heating which makes heating and heat dispersion faster.

• Temperature can be controlled precisely and effectively to reduce the overshot in heating.

• RS232 communication interface is provided. Special interface to PC. Test programme is written, monitored and saved with special PC software. Test data is directly displayed and printed.

• Unique air duct structure and perfect configurations can guarantee evenness, fluctuation, velocity of temperature and fully circulate the air inside the incubator.

• One test hole made with special mould is arranged on the left and right respectively for convenience of observation.

• Silica gel soft plugs are provided to make sure the temperature inside the incubator is not affected.

• Condenser applying 134a refrigerant and featuring fluorine free, environmental protection, precision and high efficiency are applied.

• Partition height can be adjusted accordingly to demand more humanized.

• Applies fin type heating so as the heat dispersion is faster.

• Intelligent programmable mode, over temperature protection function, creepage protection, door open alarm, current failure alarm and sensor alarm, etc. are provided to improve safety.

• Automatic start, stop, timed operation, clock display and self-recover after energization are provided.


Labocon Cooled Incubator LCI-600 Series is suitable for freezing, incubation, drying, germination experiments, waste-water testing, BOD, soil testing and long-term storage in the fields of biology, zoology, botany and the quality control and R&D laboratories in industries such as pharmaceuticals, industrial testing, food and cosmetics.