Capacity 80 Litres
Temp. Range RT +5-60°C
Temp. Accuracy 0.1°C
Temp. Uniformity <±0.8°C
Temp. Fluctuation <±0.5°C
Temp. Display Resolution 0.1°C
CO2 Range 0-19.9%
CO2 Sensor None
CO2 Control Method Air-adjusting Type
CO2 Recovery Time ≤concentration x 1.2 min
Display Dual LED display with touch screen keypad
Jacket Type Water Jacketed
Humidifying Method Natural Evaporation
Filter None
Inner Chamber Material Mirror Finished Stainless Steel
Outer Chamber Material Plastic Coated Cold-Rolling Steel
Shelves 2
Chamber Dimension 400x400x500 mm
Overall Dimension 550x510x830 mm
Power 550 W
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 56 / 66 kg
Catalog No. 9341120127

CO2 Incubator Water Jacketed LWCI-101


• Double seal door structure with magnetic seal at the outer door

• Silicone seal strips between working chamber and inner glass door ensures air-tight sealing

• Door heating control system provides frost-free inner glass door

• Long lasting, low noise centrifugal fan to ensure temperature uniformity

• Dual LED screen display with touch screen keypad

• Microcomputer auto-restrain control system avoids temperature fluctuation

• Assistant control system plays a key role during invalidation of main control system

• Audio visual alarm for water level control and over temperature control

• Data can be stored and recovered on power or system failure


Labocon CO2 Incubator Water Jacketed is applicable in research and production of microorganisms; for cells, tissue and bacteria cultivation. It is ideal to be used in the fields of immunology, oncology, genetics and biological engineering.