Capacity 179 L
Temp. Range Ambient+5°C to 60°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C at 37°C
Temp. Increment 0.1°C
CO2 Range 0% to 20%
CO2 Accuracy ±0.1 % at 5% at 37°C
CO2 Sensor IR CO2 sensor
CO2 Control Microprocessor Digital
Speed Roller apparatus
Speed Range 0.1 rpm to 5 rpm
Speed Accuracy ±0.1%
Speed Increment 0.1 rpm
Timer Range ∞ or up to 999hr
Display 5 digit LED x 3
Jacket Type Dry Wall Type (6 side IR heat)
Chamber Material Stainless Steel SUS 304
Inner Door Tempered Safety Glass Door
Outer Door Silicon Packing Magnet Door
Chamber Dimension 473x528x710 mm
Overall Dimension 560x665x945 mm
Power 600 W
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 89 kg
Catalog No. 9341124362

CO2 Incubator Shaker LCIS-101


• Chamber bottom is mounted with roller apparatus or shaker

• Easy to clean rounded corners

• Microprocessor PID controller

• Individual 2 channel touch button operating panel

• Controlled operation at external control panel

• Simultaneous conduction of adherent and suspension cell culture

• Six-sides heating chamber keeps temperature uniformity in the chamber and reduces potential condensation as well as ensure the precise control of temperature

• Warm air ensures faster temperature recovery and minimal heat loss

• Maintenance-free insulated dry wall

• Circulation system delivers air and moisture convection

• Fast and precise detection of CO2 gas through dual beam IR CO2 sensor

• Natural humidification using water tray

• Rust resistant and contamination-free perforated shelves


Labocon CO2 Incubator Shaker is suitable for use in research and production of microorganisms, cells, tissue and bacteria cultivation, immunology, oncology, genetics and biological engineering.


• 100ml Flask Holder x 16 with Platform

• 250ml Flask Holder x 9 with Platform

• 500ml Flask Holder x 5 with Platform

•1000ml Flask Holder x 4 with Platform

• Spring Rack with Platform