Max. RPM 12000
Max. RCF 14490 x g
Max. Capacity (No. of tubes x Vol.) 24 capillary
Speed Accuracy -
Speed Increment Fixed, 1200 RPM
Acceleration 12,000 RPM/ 17 sec
Deceleration Stop by toggle switch/21 sec
Control Mechanical
Display -
Program -
Timer Range Mechanical, 60 min
Noise Level 65.3dBA
Overall Dimension 250x265x240 mm
Power -
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 7.4 kg
Catalog No. 9481227222

Blood Separation Centrifuge LCBS-102


• Transparent viewer on top provides an easy investigation of rotor running

• Easy to install and remove rotor lid

•It is also provided with toggle switch for brakes

• Standard accessories: Scale reading

• Safety shutoff when lid is opened during operation


Labocon Blood Separation Centrifuge LCBS-100 Series is used to separate blood for clinic, biochemistry, immunology, etc. based applications and other capillary tube spinning requirements. They are also used for rapid determination of the packed cell volume by high-speed centrifugation of blood contained in capillary tubes.