Capacity 248 L
Temperature Range 2-8°C
Set Temperature +4°C
Drawers 3
Door 1
Defrosting Automatic
Max. Bag Capacity 450 ml 100 pcs
Inner Dimension (WxLxH) 515x530x800 mm
Overall Dimension (WxLxH) 595x655x1420 mm
Packing Dimension (WxLxH) 605x700x1520 mm
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Weight 100 kg
Catalog No. 9182603183

Blood Bank Refrigerator LRBB-603


•Interior is made up of stainless steel.

•The exterior of the refrigerator is made up of galvanized steel, painted with electrostatic paint to protect against rust.

•Door of the device has double thermal glazing, it can be locked and has magnetic seal rings.

•It has a pool type stainless steel shelf system. There is a plexiglass protector in front of each shelf. The mobile shelf system is conveniently for use. Separators inside the drawers helping the blood bags to be placed and stocked easily.

•Each shelf has the capacity of minimum storage of 33 unit’s blood bags.

•Device operates between 2°C/8°C, which is the ideal storage temperature of blood ingredients, and is set to 4°C.

•It provides equal temperature distribution.

•The device works smoothly and quietly in order not to decompose the blood components.

•It has a full automatic defrost system in order to protect the productivity of the cooling evaporator. Inner cabinet is carried out with LED lightening.

•The user friendly digital control panel, which is carried out with a microprocessor, enables to keep the data in memory for 30 days.

•RS232 port provides transmission of the device temperature information to the electronic environment.

•The thermostat of the control panel can make measurements with 0.1°C sensitivity.

•There are 2 probes in the blood bank refrigerator. One of these probes measure the inner cabin temperature and the other measures the temperature of the sample liquid at the blood density. The information can be traced on the digital screen.

•There is an accumulator system charged automatically at the control panel of the device. This system provides at possible electricity cut offs, that the digital control panel and the thermal printer continue working for 72 hours.

•It alerts you with visual and audio signals when the lower and upper temperature limits are exceeded, the door of the device is left open, low voltage and/or electricity cut off problems occurs.

•The cooling gas and the insulation do not contain CFC gas which is harmful for the OZONE.

•There are two castor wheels with stoppers and two regular wheels to produce easy portability.

•As per request by the users, a thermal printer can be installed. The numerical and graphical printout of the recorded data can be taken with the thermal printer.


Labocon Blood Bank Refrigerator LRBB-600 Series is widely used to store blood, vaccine, reagent and special test material. It is suitable for hospital, blood stations, CDC, research institute, chemical, military and electronics industry.


•MOS Processor

•Thermal Printer


•RS232 Output port