Type Class III
Chamber Material Epoxy coated cold-rolled steel
Air Flow System 0% Air Recirculation, 100% Air Exhaust
Air Velocity More than 355 cfm
Prefilter Washable
Negative Work Zone Pressure -274 Pa
Main Filter Air Supply Filter: ULPA filter 99.999% efficient (0.1-0.3 µm) First Exhaust Filter: ULPA filter 99.999% efficient (0.1-0.3 µm) Second Exhaust Filter: ULPA filter 99.999% efficient (0.1-0.3 µm)
Noise Level ≤65 dB
Display LCD
Lighting ≥ 800 lux
Internal Pass Box Size 400×390×340 mm
External Pass Box Size 480×400×400 mm
Standard Accessory Fluorescent Lamp, UV Lampx4, Pressure Meter, Remote Control, Drain Valve, Gloves
Inner Dimension 1240×650×650 mm
Overall Dimension 1340×850×2100 mm
Power Supply 240V, 60Hz
Catalog No. 9503122128

Biological Safety Cabinet Class III LBSC-501


• Two-layered marinated toughened glass (≥5mm) motorized front window

• Remote control operation including front sash movement and fan speed control

• Motored front window with timer function

• Front window is completely sealed with≥ 8 thickness

• Digital LCD display for easy monitoring of all parameters

• Emission of 253.7 nm for highly efficient decontamination

• Foot switch to adjust the height of the front window

• Stainless Steel 304 table for operation

• Low noise and high energy efficiency for operational cost savings

• Audio and visual alarm for filter replacement, front window over height and abnormal airflow


Labocon Biological Safety Cabinet Class III-500 Series are widely used in different areas like handling of carcinogen chemicals, hazardous materials, studying of diseases and for extra protection against high risk of infectious agents.