Type Class II, Type A2
Chamber Material Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-bacteria powder coating
HEPA Filter 2
HEPA Filter Efficiency 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 µm
Air Flow System 70% Air Recirculation, 30% Air Exhaust
Inflow Air Velocity 0.53 ± 0.025 m/s (105 lfpm)
Down Flow Air Velocity 0.33 ± 0.025 m/s (70 lfpm)
Inflow Air Flow Volume 458 m3/h
Down Flow Air Flow Volume 663 m3/h
Exhaust Air Flow Volume 458 m3/h
Minimum Face Velocity 75 linear feet per minute (lfpm
Clean Level Class 100
Tested Opening Safety Height ≤ 200 mm
Max Opening 480 mm
Noise Level ≤ 58dB(A) - ≤65dB(A)
Illumination ≥1000 Lux
UV Lamp 30Wx1
Fluorescent Lamp 14Wx1
Display LCD
Control System Microprocessor
Work Surface Height 750 mm
Front Window Motorized
Water & Gas Tap Water Tapx1, Gas Tapx1
Filter Guard Type Aluminium Alloy Frame
Ground Resistance <0.10 Ω
Caster None
Standard Accessory Fluorescent Lamp, Remote Control, Drain Valve, Waterproof Socketsx4, Base Stand
Inner Dimension 1200x600x770 mm
Overall Dimension 1300x790x2310 mm
Power 430 W
Power Supply 240 V, 60 Hz
Weight 300 kg
Catalog No. 9503112128

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II LBSC-303


• Two-layered marinated toughened glass (≥5mm) motorized front window

• Negative air pressure provides personnel protection by constant movement of air in working area

• Remote control operation including front sash movement and fan speed control

• Motored front window with timer function

• Digital LCD display for easy monitoring of all parameters

• Emission of 253.7 nm for highly efficient decontamination

• Foot switch to adjust the height of the front window

• Centrifugal fan speed adjustable: H14 HEPA filter

• Collecting tank (4000 ml) collects spatters of working area without any leakage

• Intrinsic sterilization is achieved after activating cabinet for 30 min via UV timing

• Air drawn into the cabinet through air grill

• Filter Life Indicator: Pressure value displayed to show life utility of main filter

• Stainless Steel 304 table for operation

• Low noise and high energy efficiency for operational cost savings

• Audio and visual alarm for filter replacement, front window over height and abnormal airflow


Labocon Biological Safety Cabinet Class II is designed to meet diverse applications in life science, clinical, microbiology, genetics, plant and animal cell culture, molecular biology, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratory.


• Base stand

• Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate Neutralizer

• Airflow Tester

• Infrared Sterilizer

• Formalin Fumigation Sterilizer

• Armrest