Temp. Range RT+5-100°C
Temp. Accuracy 0.35°C at 57°C
Temp. Uniformity 0.5°C
Temp. Resolution 0.1°C
Time for Heating ≤6min (20°C to 57°C)
Timer Range 1min-99h 59min
Display LCD
Overall Dimension 120x152x112 mm
Power 120 W
Power Supply 240V, 60Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 0.85/1.4 kg
Catalog No. 9341240105

Biological Indicator Incubator LBII-102


• Designed for incubation of EO biological indicators

• Customized wells for placement of biological indicator vials

• Easy to set incubation temperature

• Aluminium blocks available to meet experimental requirement


Labocon Biological Indicator Incubator is used for sterilization processes in food and beverage industries, medical and healthcare sectors, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.